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E39 – Making Sacred-Transversing Through the Dance of Birth-4 Birth Stories-Hospital Home & NICU


The body moves when we birth inside and out we are dancing to the beat of the earth the woman roars and we become mother. After this interview with the amazing Talulah from Making Sacred, I felt all my senses heightened, I felt in awe of this journey and a closeness to all mothers, women, in what ever form. These four birth stories will truely take you on the road of transformation. Finding out how important we are in this process is crucial and Talulah shows us in each of her journeys, that, no matter what, support, care and love to the birthing mother is vital for us to grow. This podcast dives deeply into the cosmic womens mysteries and each with its own lesson that you will be sure to see the gifts that birth can bring.

Look at the name Talulah and it signifies water. Look at Talulah near water and you will see why! Talulah and I connected via the Eight Seasons Journey with the School of Shamanic Womancraft. She is guiding our group in all the relevant womens mysteries, collectively together we are supporting and nurturing our truths. There is no wonder that I wanted to share her journeys, for as the podcast revels itself, so will Talulah water divinity.

We begin with her first birth journey with her now 14 year old boy Taj. Talulah talks about her family dynamic of a linage of shame for having babies out of wedlock, a pattern that brought a interesting outlook for Talulah growing up. Turns out they discovered she was pregnant just days after her engagement! How the healing path works! Talulah and her partner were after a home birth yet could not afford the cost. They booked into the birth centre. Labour progressed and the journey began, they headed to the birth centre and it was closed! So they got admitted to the labour ward and after a internal examination they found an anterior lip. And as you can image this can go either one way or another depending on many things. Talulah was advised not to push for two hours and she describes this as a tough time as all she wanted to do was push! Once she was given the green light she pushed out baby Taj in 15 minutes! After this they noticed tachycardia Taj ended up in NICU for four days. Talulah talks in the podcast about how the stay was for her emotional and physical self and what her reflections and lessons were from this birth.

After this birth, Talulah just felt that every one needs a trained birth attendant at their birth. So she went on to do her Doula training while she was pregnant with her second baby. At this time home birth opened up to this family again and they were ready, however during her doula training lots of fears come During her doula training she learned and absorbed allot of information, yet realised that this made her realise what could go wrong. She held this information in for a long time and it all come out at 41 weeks which was a big release! Lessons here, that pregnancy will bring many things up for us – talk and find that safe space to let it out. Talulah went into labour at 42 weeks and baby was born well into water 4 hours later. With breathing difficulties after the birth they decided to go to the hospital after baby was struggling and began to turn blue. They ended up having another NICU stay with baby Eden, he recovered well with no real explanation as why. We talk about the way she was questioned and treated at the hospital because she was a home birth transfer. Talulah felt she was not supported and lots of questions were raised about her birth choices. All in all Talulah felt fortunate that they had access to the hospital and things worked out the way they did.

We talk here about Talulah’s Doula work and birth hypnosis. Mixing up with her life as a Ballet teacher, Talulah talks about the first time she worked as a Doula, I feel many of us Doulas can relate to the way she described the feeling of trying to just be present.

So third birth Talulah was deliberating over birth options and where she felt most safe to do this. With her involvement with the homebirth community and Doula work she knew that she wanted to be at home, yet, there was some discussion about being at the birth centre after the last two experiences, however there was the risk again of the birth centre being closed. Fortunately they got into a home birth program with the hospital and they were delighted that they could have this support. They were glad to find out they had a girl this time! Especially for a ballet mother! At 37 weeks they discovered that baby was breech, this caused a little stress, especially regarding the home birth, Talulah had a ECV done and this turned out to be successful. 42 weeks rolled around again and Talulah went into labour that night, one hour later baby Nina was born in what Talulah describes as feet stretched out and kicking her self out in a grand allegro!

After this Talulah undertook her important work with The School of Shamanic Womancraft. She become pregnant again during her journey with the school, lots of things come up in this time including a vision quest where Talulah describes being solo for 3 days and 3 nights in the Australian bush. Talulah was eight months pregnant during this quest and she describes this as an opening experience.

The birth was a posterior labour and Talulah talks about how this labour varied very differently from the others. She wanted and got a longer time birthing allowing the space to feel into the labour. Willow was born in the water at home and everything worked out beautifully. Talulah explains the feelings of posterior and prodromal labour. Connecting and trusting in baby’s journey as well as Talulah’s.

From Talulah

“I learned from my first birth that I was incredibly strong”.

“You got the birth your wanted and he got the care he needed”.

“I felt peace and balance after the birth of my fourth daughter, family was complete.”

“I dance every day, its been my practice for most of my life”.

“Everyone teacher is a student, every student is a teacher”.

“Dance is where I can play with my kids”. 


Check out Talulah and her tribe dancing on Instagram at the end of this post! 

Home Birth Conference Australia – http://homebirthaustralia.org/06/07/2016/2016-sydney-homebirth-conference

School of Shamanic Womancraft – http://schoolofshamanicwomancraft.com/about-the-school/

Blessingway Guide and other E-Books from Making Sacred – http://makingsacred.com/product-category/shop/

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About Talulah

As a Mama of four beautiful children I am always learning, seeking and discovering ways to enrich our lives.

I hold all sorts of roles in life- Doula, Childbirth Educator and Womens Mysteries Teacher, which covers Medicine Drum making, Teacher and Dreamer at the School of Shamanic Womancraft, Moon Circle workshops for Mothers and Maidens, Moon Circle for Women, and Songs of Sacred Circle. Also being a Women’s Mysteries Teacher is about honouring Women at all their altars of transformation- birth, menarche, menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and death.

My passion for birth began with the birth of my first baby, it was an amazing experience and I wanted to learn all I could. That led me to the School of Shamanic Womancraft where I went deep sea diving into who I was and why I was here.. the Mermaid journey continues.

We are an urban living family from Sydney, Australia, though our house looks over national park and we have many wild bird and animal visitors every day. Our children attend Steiner school, so they too are immersed in nature in the bushland of Sydney’s North Shore. We hope one day to go coastal bush.. until then we are very blessed with our home and school life. Sydney is not your average city, we are surrounded with sea and bushland, especially here in the north.

This blog is a space for me to share information, workshops, stories, beauty and resources with women, friends and anyone seeking a sacred life!




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