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E18 – Home Birth Stories en caul lotus & Birth into Being


Curious about home birth, lotus and en caul stories? In this podcast you will find your self oozing the lusciousness of birth, richness of community and the strength of an empowered, nurtured & conscious mama! Tune into a beautiful 50 minutes with Nicole Moore from Birth into Being.

Nicole – Note the strong connection that radiates from this picture. And the clam bath! Beautiful!

Nicole’s first birth was the first baby in six years on the intentional community that she and her husband moved into from the busy city world. She talks about how the community embraced her homebirth and just by having that support around her she achieved a complete gentle & loving birth experience. Limbic encoding at its best! You will hear of a clam shell bath and a tepee in this story! This is true nest making in its entirety here, surrounded by love, good nurturing food for the mother, the best birth keeper in the community and skilled midwives there to support Nicole and her partner. Nicole talks also about asking to be left along during the labour to fully connect into her space and engage with the ancestral women that have birthed before us. Post birth, Nicole did a lotus brith and spent a long time in the teepee loving her new sons gradual and loving entry to the family.

In her second experience, things moved a little more quickly for this birth and this is where, again, Nicole was supported by the community she had an empowering en caul birth. Nicole explains how after this brith she felt so energetic that she invited people over while the placenta was still in! The experience was described as cataclysmic. Nicole also explains that they decided to not do a lotus birth due to the resident Goanna that lived around and in the sanctuary.. Good choice! The birth taught her strength as a mother.
These stories are truly inspiring and from the heart. We need to share how it is possible that with support, kindness and a gentle heart that we all can work together, and create birth patterns for the future generations. Nicole is such an important drop of water in the beautiful pool of birth advocates and workers. And her stories are a credit to her nature and love.

Again I have transformed…

From Nicole – “if we are going to survive and thrive as a species, we need to address our birth practices” 

“I come to this work from a perspective of conscious evolution” There is so many fronts that people are working on, and this is my contribution to help people understand how important birth is to our continued health, well being and connection to the planet.” 

“If we want people to care about our environment and expect people to be able to work together we have to bring them in gently and surrounded by love, as it triggers and opens up all those neurological pathways to be able to live that way”. 


  • Birth into Being – I could not get enough of this movie and the message that comes from Brith into Being. I was in absolute adoration witnessing birth in the Black Sea, dolphins swimming with babies underwater, pregnancy ice dipping in Russia and complete zen birthing mothers! This is completely supported birth – birth as we know it is far from this. I, since watching the movie become a big advocate for this work and have watched it closely since then. This is how I found Nicole! GO HERE Full movie download is from this site. Subscribe to HERE and you can get a free 25min educational viewing.
  • TEDx With Nicole Moore on Conscious Evolution and Limbic Love – Again I would highly recommend checking this out to. A very important message not only for birth in the physical form but our lives that guide us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcVd4FTEgfM&feature=youtu.be
  • Film ‘With Woman’ by Nicole Moore – Can this woman get any more amazing?! YES! – This is a beautiful informative collaboration that Nicole Made for the 31st Australian Home Birth Conference. https://vimeo.com/158883547

    Nicole Speaking conscious evolution through limbic loving at TEXx

Connect with Nicole and Birth into Being Australia

Websites:  www.birthintobeing.com.au☀️ www.nappyfree.com.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Birth-Into-Being-Australia-1633651950196411/?fref=ts

Nicole is a seeker, empath, artist, idealist, oxytocin enthusiast, storyteller, birth passionist & provocateur.  Homebirth Mama of 2, she lives in a world of joyful, sustainable, curious co-creation.  She most enjoys sharing unique transformative experiences, in a field of safety & connection. Nicole brings many arts to her improvised life, her work with conscious evolution, and the Birth Into Being Method – both in person and online.

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