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  • This interview is all about you engaging with your story of birth and transformation. This is a conversation podcast, I would love for you to try and find that place; go back to that headspace and tell the story as you lived it to help share the full experience for others to connect to. I will prompt you with some questions below where you can give a description of the birth experience briefly to help you remember all the important details of the story during the interview i.e. bullet points may help you recall certain experiences of the journey; however when the interview is being done I am happy for you to fully engage with your story and talk away, the more we hear of your voice the better!
      The point is to help make others aware and explain how others may deal with certain situations. Experience is a step towards wisdom, providing your intent is true to your cause…
    • Thank you once again for taking the time to share your story. You have now shared what could be a life changing moment for people; also you have played an important part in bridging the knowledge and option gap, and have helped empower people on their birth journey! ♥



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