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Bone Broths and Slow Cooks YEAH MAMA!

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 So watching my daughter Julia guzzle down a glass of bone broth this morning was definitely something! She wholeheartedly drank this stuff down; this girl was completely tapping into her Palaeolithic ancestors!

Breakfast bone broth? Why?

There is reason why bone broth has been around for thousands of years. Becoming connected with the foods we consume has been a journey, yet to put it simply its not an easy gig getting access to whole and nutrient dense foods, especially when you are looking at around $10 AUD for a bunch of organic kale! Yet, when I started making bone broth, I felt that all the preparation for it was worth it! When you start the day with a warm cup of broth, there is such a difference on how my day pans out; I hit on the feel good mama vibes!

 Why so good for us? (Science stuff)

Apart from that feel good soul feeling, there is a deeper reason why your mum might of turned you on to chicken soup when you were feeling down and nearly out. Our ancestors were known to consume nearly every part of an animal, including the ground bone. Here’s why:

  • Rich in minerals – These are minerals your body can easily absorb: magnesium, phosphorous, silicon, sulphur, and the big one, calcium.
  • Collagen – think connective tissue, the main protein that supports structure in the human body also protects the mucosal lining in the gut, meaning better nutrient absorption, so you protect joints, and have healthy skin, hair and nails.
  • Bone broth also encompasses the amino acids needed for collagen production, boosting nutrient value and absorption, and repairing muscle.

Slow cooks can have a similar value. You are essentially releasing the nutrient content in foods slowly with low heat, thus making the meal more easily digestible for the gut and releasing far more of the minerals.

Postpartum is a beautiful time to engage with slow cooks and bone broths. If you can find someone special to prepare them for you, it is definitely, in my experience anyway, a beautiful way to nourish and nurture the new mamma and her crew.


How I prepare my bone broths: A simple recipe…

So, we want to make this simple right? I am all for the throw it in and see how it goes; here are the basics below, then get creative! Choose organic/pasture fed/hormone free where ever possible, as you don’t want toxins/chemical residue leeching into your broth and into your body. Farmer’s Markets are perfect for this type of thing, if you know your source well or the best place is to grown your own, leave the dirt on the vegetables! evidence shows that SBO’s (soil based organisms) are essential to support the gut health and immune response system. So keep that good old vitamin dirt in your slow cooks and especially veg smoothies!

Bone Broth:

Chicken cooking time 14-24 Hours (optimum for extracting the goodness)

Beef – 12- 48 hours. Look for odd parts ie. chicken necks and so forth. Apple cider vinegar added to all bone broths is a bonus; it will help extract the minerals.

We aim for a cup (250ml) of bone broth each morning; Julia who is 8 months has about 1oz, which is gone pretty quick!

  1. Throw or gently put your bones into a nice crock pot and cover with water
  2. Add in the apple cider vinegar
  3. Add in any veg of your choice, onion, garlic, carrot, celery, etc. Peppercorns, mustard seeds and any herbs you see fitting.
  4. Heat gently, and simmer for the desired time, remove any scum that may arise
  5. Once finished, drain off the liquid and discard the rest (compost mamma!)

Slow Cook

This again is such a pleasure especially when 5pm turns up and you don’t feel like preparing a meal; its all there, ready to go!

  1. Prepare and add in the vegetables – so many you can choose from.
  2. Make a paste with some stock, tomato paste, turmeric paste, apple cider vinegar, mustard, and any other condiment you see fitting.
  3. Season with spices of love and add in your meat
  4. Cook for around 8-12 hours on low, depending on the size of your slow cook.
  5. Open up, and enter into theluscious, nutrient dense goodness!

Remember, bone broths and slow cooks are rich in nutrients, amino acids, and minerals; seriously good stuff for pregnancy, post partum, and the little ones.

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