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About the Project

Why is This Important?

Currently, we are facing a very interesting paradigm of birth and the birthing mother. Some feel that the respect of choice is being lost, and feel they are forced into making extreme decisions regarding pregnancy and birth. So any decision can be met with a barrage of opinion, criticism, and the perception for subservience to political and medicalised systems. Finding strength and resilience to make the best decisions for your family in this world of information is overwhelming. Especially when you are a mamma and/or partner trying to do the best you can. 

Birth has always been honoured towards spiritual growth.. birth, death and rebirth..

Birth has always been honoured towards spiritual growth.

Birth, death, and rebirth.

This is an important space to share your journeys thought pregnancy and birth, as a community. Together, we can reclaim birth potential, create new, and reconnect with the wise and ancient wisdom of birth! 

The Circle is Birthing…

  • This is a conversation / story podcast stories not only on birth in the physical form, but birth in transformation, growth and connectivity. People from around the world with a intersting story to share
  • Each birth and transformation is its own unique story. Each is owned by the birthing mother, father and baby(s).
  • By sharing stories and information in a positive and safe way, we can heal ourselves from a hard/traumatic birth experience and make connections to what is holding us back in life.
  • Connect with other people, and with good information, learn about your choices during pregnancy and birth, and life beyond and how to stand by them.
  • Reconnect with your emotional intuitiveness, especially for the pregnant mammas!
  • Build up a strong community, ‘a circle’ of like-mindedness, positiveness, and the knowledge that your situation is felt by others
  • Podcasts are super easy to listen to! During my pregnancies, I could not get enough of birth stories! I read constantly! Having the ability to listen will help many.

Who is Your Host?

“Stories will bring us close; the more we share, the closer we come to our inner wisdom.” 

Aly – Host and Birth Advocate – Seeking our innate wise circle…

This all begun when I walked out of the hospital with my first born son, Mallee, in 2010. I felt worthless, tired, and my intuition had been violated. When I gave birth to Julia in 2015, I realised how a woman should feel in birth, when they are loved and supported no matter where or how she chooses to birth. During my pregnancy with Julia, I become obsessed with birth stories and finding a better way; I learned so much from mama wisdom, the birth stories I surrounded myself with were ones that showed the light in any situation. Inspiring and truthful, no projected fears onto others, just woman and partners feeling the birth happen and telling it to help others know they have options. Women and new mammas feel isolated and disconnected from our people/tribe. I want to talk, share, and grow in this space, so I can connect with the greater circle and become a more confident, soulful mama; knowing that we are all in this together. Cultivate community…

Allowing myself to heal from my first birth and fully connect to the ‘high’ of birth has opened up so many channels for me. What better way to keep reliving this by listening to other stories!

Me – Mamma Me – Inner Me …

I love circles and systems that keep in tune with the normal biological flow (especially for women), of any sort that bring folk together with pure hearts. I have a partner who is a true gentleman; we have both looked and still look deep inside our past and have crossed many stretches in our relationship to become mindful and self aware, enriched by the community around us. Our 2 children, Mallee and Julia, are old, wistful souls that are their own entities. We love and value our health, food production, conscious living, and striving for self-awareness (trying our best!).



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