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2 of my Best Videos – Prepping for Home Birth

Placed together with ❤ by Aly Kranz – The Circle of Birth

There is so many videos that I watched while prepping for my home birth and so many great contributions to help empower birth and our choices. I found that right before my birth there was two that stood right out for me. I wanted to share these with you, especially those who are just about to home birth in the next few weeks and find that niggly little bit of anxiety creep up. I have been there and those last weeks are full of so much ‘stuff’ coming up to the surface. So its great to watch some powerful, inspiring videos!

Number 1 – Birth as we know it.. You can download the DVD from their site. 

This just blew my brain, yep blew that busy pregnant brain of mine back down to my centre! I just loved so many elements of this movie, and during my labour the biggest thing that resinated and I actively used was the spiralling. I completely tuned into this spirally sacred geometry mamma! I was having some amazing visualisations! This is great if you want to see some extraordinary births in the sea with dolphins, and some rad mamma birthing in a clear bath with no fuss at all! This movie is just pure inspirational.

Extract from Website: The film features 11 exquisite natural births: at home, in the sea, breech delivery, and home waterbirth of twins.  Also included are interviews on topics rarely discussed: Limbic Imprint, Sexuality of childbirth, Cesarean-section, Circumcision, Lotus Birth, and Conscious Birth preparation.  Viewers are given a rare opportunity to witness the true nature of birth, and the potential to give birth gracefully and fearlessly. 

Number 2 – You Tube Video – Daisy’s HypnoBirth Homebirth Waterbirth 

I just loved this, I am not sure how many times I watched it, there were just so many elements to this couple that radiated such sweetness and trust in each other. Their care provider was just awesome, you can hear in the video how she is quietly encouraging her to let her body do its thing. I had not explored Hypnobirthing, yet I found a great interest in this method after watching this. The mamma is just so sweet, so gentle and hardly made a peep. Love this!

Extract from Video: This is my second HypnoBirth, but first homebirth. I filmed the birth as I wanted to show women that birth can be, calm, relaxed and enjoyable. Please believe in your bodies and your babies – it really is possible!!

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